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Hello. My name is Stephen Noble, and I like to focus on the visuals.

I’m a self-shooting director with a passion for creating strong, memorable, shareable images and films. My emphasis is on crafting a natural narrative, with people at the heart of the story.

My career began as an interest in photography, which grew during my Masters in News Journalism, when other students began to approach me to take photos for their articles.

When myself and a few friends founded a publishing company in 2008 to promote the arts and culture of my home, the north east of England, I wanted to use film to complement our print and online platforms. This led me to learn the art of film-making, and helped us to develop a monthly audience of 7,000.

After several years, I left my role as Managing Director to focus on developing my skills and creative interests. I went freelance as a videographer under the moniker a different ilk.

I moved to London in 2014 to develop my career as a self shooting director – but one who is able to produce and edit the final product as well.

Since moving to London, I’ve worked with nationally known brands and causes, like The Red Cross, Guide Dogs, Bowers and Wilkins, Macmillan Education, The Law Society, The Holocaust Museum, Dave Stewart Entertainment, Vevo Live and many others.

My personable approach to filmmaking, hard work ethic, ability to handle stress and work well under pressure with a smile – and of course my Geordie accent – has done me well in London so far, and I look forward to making the most of the creative opportunities this city has to offer.